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Kind of a response to this video from Nostalgia Critic...

Not that I watch the guy Its just that Youtube has the mentality that anything that has thousands of views is worth watching, in fact I find him pretty annoying but he brings an intereting topic, that kids cartoons nowadays are a lot better than before.
Maybe you think that I´m a little biased because the fact that I think kids cartoons were better before is because thats what I saw as a kid and therefore I find it more interesting that what they show on TV today. But the examples he uses to ilustrate his point are: "Adventure Time", "Steven Universe" and "The Legend of Korra", the problem is that these are clearly aimed at an older audience.

Just like video games and movies, TV shows are also classified by the age of their demographics, cartoons are no exception, thats why you probably don´t want your kids to watch something like "South Park" but you are perfectly fine with them watching "Fairly Odd Parents".

Now the reason why "Adventure Time" and "Steven Universe" are clearly not kids cartoons is because they don´t follow the same basic formula.

Lets compare the basic concept of say "Ed, Edd and Eddy" to the basic concept of "Adventure Time".
"Ed Edd and Eddy" is the story of 3 kids who try to scam neighbors to get money for candy.
"Adventure Time" is the story of a human 12 year old boy who is the last of his kind and his talking pet dog with superpowers who go on adventures through different dimensions in a surreal world with bizarre characters that all have complex backstories on a post apocalyptic fantasy setting.

Thats the difference, One of the arguments is that today´s cartoons introduced a much more complex narrative, but honestly even if we can expect some depth from kids movies, a kids cartoon is something you watch for a quick laugh, not for complex lores or any kind of character development. My point is that all you need to make a functional kids cartoon is:

1.- A simple concept.
2.- Simple yet Likeable characters.
3.- Funny "G - PG" rated writting.

Good animation and a few discrete jokes here and there are a plus.

A few examples are: Dexter´s Laboratory, Hey Arnold!, Jimmy Neutron, Rocket Power, Danny Phantom, Scooby Doo...

Now I dont want you to believe that I think all cartoons should have the same structure but if you stray too far from this formula you might end up loosing the quality of your cartoon.
For instance: Jimmy Neutron followed this same formula in the earlier seasons, but in later seasons it tried to take itself a little too seriously and It didn´t really worked.

The thing is "Adventure Time", "Legend of Korra", "Young Justice" and "Steven Universe" have a structure that is clearly not the same as kids cartoons.
They are targeted as an alternative for older audiences to most teen and adult cartoons.

I mean we classify stuff like "South Park", "Futurama" and "Family Guy" as adult cartoons because they use a humor that is inappropriate for kids, but that does not mean that a morbid humor will appeal to all adult audiences. 

The real question should be "Are adult and teen cartoons better now than ever?"

Now back to my original point, I think most (Not all of them) kids cartoons nowadays fail in at least one of the areas that I pointed out before, either the characters are not likeable or the writting is a little morbid and just not as good as it should be.

So what´your take on this?
Do you think cartoons in general are better now? Or were they better before?

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