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Mortal Kombat X is coming soon and its probably going to be one of the best fighting games ever, so I thought I might share some of my theories about the game.

1.-Mileena´s redesign might imply that she tried something to make her look more human but it didn´t work, Perhaps she tried to impersonate Kitana at some point.

2.-Ermac might become a hero because it is implied that he taught Kenshi how to use telekinesis in the previous game.

3.-Scorpion might become a hero as well because the story takes place during Mortal Kombat 4 and at that point he has nothing against Sub-Zero anymore plus he is the mentor of Takashi Takeda (Kenshi´s son).

4.-Noob Saibot might not be dead, but stuck in another dimension, because he is the only character whose death was not shown in camera in the last game, In fact it seems as if he was sucked into a portal rather than being killed which means he might make at least a cameo appearance.

5.-Shang Tsung is dead for good and might never return.

6.-Liu Kang might turn into an antihero with a vendetta against Raiden, And hopefuly he might not return as a zombie.

7.-Shinnok might not be the final boss, In fact there might be more than just 1 main anthagonist in the game. Who else?

8.-Reptile might turn into Onaga once again because in the last game he couldn´t talk but in this one he can, (Just like in the original timeline) Plus none of Raiden´s changes seem to change the fact that Ogana might still be collecting the Kamidogu.

9.-Sub-Zero will be the leader of his own cult at some point in the game, Which might imply that Frost could make at least a cameo appearence.

10.-Fujin might replace Raiden as protector of Earth since he made several cameos in the last game.

11.-Tremor might not have any impact in the story whatsoever or at the very least you´ll never fight against him in story mode because the main game is pretty much finished at this point yet he´s still in development.

12.-Neither will Jason Voorhees nor Predator.

13.-The Xbox one version might have a guest character from Killer Instinct, since fans have compared both franchises for years.

If you got any other theories or just want to share your thoughts feel free to comment.

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